Bloor shall be commencing the pre-development works which will include tree works, heras fencing, tree protection fencing on 15th November (next Monday). 

Initial earthworks and topsoil scrape to make a start on road and sewers to commence 17th November, subject to progress of pre-development works.

Bloor will also be doing some remedial work to the pond and repair, replace land drainage, this will be programmed in for mid-December. This is only for land drainage and will not be the site drainage.

Just to remind you that no vehicular access will be through Swans Reach. 

At the end of the development Bloor will be putting up a hedge along the edge of the Stalbridge side of the development.

If you have any questions/issues now or during the build, please email me on

Can whoever own the football nets please remove them from the site as the fencing will go all around the pond as well as the development site. Thank you.


Bernadette Tarry

Clerk and RFO Sandymoor Parish Council