Seasons Greetings from VISAV

Dear Bernadette Tarry,

I am writing to thank you for your ongoing membership of the system and to give you some updates regarding the progress we are making with the system and a small change to the privacy policy and website terms.

  is powered by the Neighbourhood Alert secure platform and my role is the national data controller for the system.

This means that, alongside the Information Providers you choose to share your data with (Police, Fire & Rescue, Neighbourhood Watch etc), I am responsible for ensuring that your data is stored securely and only ever used in a way that you feel is appropriate.

Safe and secure

2021 has been a challenging year, not only with the impact of COVID on staffing and working locations but also with the influx of post-Brexit attempted attacks on secure systems such as ours.

I am happy to report that as with our previous ten years of hosting the system, we have successfully protected your data and it remains secure, private, fully encrypted and on British soil within our Nottingham based data centre which is a Police Approved Secure Facility (PASF). You are welcome to review our various security accreditations here

The largest UK Community Messaging system

We continue to grow as a UK business and now provide the system to 30 UK Police Forces. We have delivered just over 100 million messages this year by email, voice and text message on behalf of our Police and public sector clients. We have also broken the 1 million registered members target which is amazing.

Neighbourhood Watch

I must extend my thanks to the dedicated members of Neighbourhood Watch who provide invaluable support in keeping the database accurate and useful as this then ensures that those important messages from the police etc get through. Neighbourhood Watch Administrators (MSAs) have spent an estimated combined 50,000 hours on the database this year, this equates to a volunteer contribution of £445K nationally!

Privacy Policy Update

Many of our police clients are now focusing on using the Alert system to understand local policing priorities and to inform members how those issues are being addressed. This sometimes means that targeted promotion of local surveys and registrations is undertaken to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to contribute and give their views.

The following line has been added to the Privacy Policy and Website Terms in order to be transparent about this activity: “Your data may be used by information providers to run analytics for performance and promotion purposes to help grow the platform.

Please take a moment to review the updated documents on the following links:
Privacy Policy
Web Terms

Please be assured that your data can never be sold and is never shared with any other organisation beyond those Information Providers that you explicitly authorise to see your details. The system is free for all members and will always be so.

Updating your settings

You can review and change the Information Providers (organisations) that you have currently chosen to share your data with by clicking the red “settings” button below. This is well worth a few minutes of your time as you may have new options available or wish to remove some.

You are also able to review the “Types” of messages that you receive from this page to ensure that the emails you receive are relevant to your interests.

Once you have made any changes, simply confirm your name and click the submit button, you will receive a confirmation email which contains a link which you click to complete the process. If you would rather unsubscribe from the entire system you can also do that from the settings page or by emailing . Please bear in mind that if you do that you will be removed from the system entirely.

If you have moved, please be assured that with our national partners and majority police coverage, we can provide a relevant service wherever you live in the UK. You can update your address by logging in to your member admin area or simply send your new address details to and our support team will update your location for you.

Nothing now remains but to wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year and thank you again for your continued use of the Alert system.  We look forward to staying in touch in 2022 with some exciting news regarding the latest version of the Alert system and some enhanced features it will provide you with.

Very best regards
Mike Douglas
Product Director: Neighbourhood Alert

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Mike Douglas (VISAV Limited, Director, England and Wales)