The Council has been working with the Homes and Communities Agency (as land owner) to bring forward the development of the Sandymoor Local Centre. Both the Council and HCA are in agreement that now is a good time to bring forward the local shops and associated amenities. This will not only provide the growing community with additional local facilities but it will also help support continued house building by making the neighbourhood a more attractive to place live.

You may recall in January 2016, the HCA, supported by the Council, undertook a community consultation exercise with residents regarding options for developing the new local centre. The HCA are now looking to dispose of the site and have engaged a commercial agent to market the Local Centre to developers. A commercial ‘for sale’ board should be going up on site in next couple of weeks as part of the disposal process.

To play our part, and in accordance with the adopted Sandymoor Supplementary Planning Document, the Council has prepared a Planning Brief to help guide development of the site and assess future planning applications against.

I attach a copy of the Draft Developer Brief. Appendix A of the Brief includes a summary of the findings from the consultation of residents in Jan 2016, the Brief makes reference to how these comments (within the scope of a planning document) have been taken into account.

The next step is for the Draft Developer Brief to be taken to the Development Control Committee in either May or June 2017. The HCA anticipate that a preferred developer will be appointed in late Summer 2017, at which point the developer will bring forward their detailed planning proposals for the Local Centre. The Council expects that once a preferred developer is appointed, they will undertake neighbourhood consultation prior to submitting a formal planning application.

Sandymoor Local Centre Developer Final Draft V5 Brief - Final Draft

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Sandymoor Local Centre Draft Developer Brief - Appendix B Images

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