November Newsletter

News Letter

November 2019

Daresbury local Policing Unit (Moore, Sandymoor, Preston Brook, Daresbury, Windmill Hill)

Anti-Social Behaviour

The issues are still ongoing with youths throwing projectiles at busses causing damage to the bus, this is causing great stress and is effecting the way the service is being run due to the bus company cancelling route times.
We have had incidents on Phoenix Park where fireworks have been thrown at members of the public, please be safe when over the coming weeks.
There has been as expected a few incidents with fires in different areas of the beat but have all been dealt with efficiently.
2 white males were disturbed on windmill Hill trying to break in to a car no damage was caused and unfortunately they were not located.
We had an issue with door to door salesman over the whole area, these males caused great distress to some residents during their visit. Any information or further incidents please report this.

Off road bikes

the Off road bikes are still an ongoing issue across Runcorn, we are tackling this day to day and will continue to do so.
Please report any incidents or intelligence via 101.


We have had some successful stop checks and there has been a number of people arrested for possession with intent to supply drugs. We will carry on tackling areas of interest to stop the issue around drugs.

Roads Policing
Officers have been out with the TruCam (Speed Camera) in different areas this month with a number of drivers not adhering to the speed limits.
We have had a very high number in Preston Brook and Sandymoor so we will carry on in these areas every week.

Police Surgeries

We will be holding surgeries at Sandymoor School & Windmill Hill Children’s Centre.
If you have any issues or just want a chat then come along and see me.

Sandymoor School

23rd November @ 10:00
3rd December @ 10:00
19th December @ 14:00

Windmill Hill Children’s Centre

12th November @10:00
28th November @ 14:00
10th December @ 15:00

Parking Issues
Still issues with Parking and we will carry on educating and dealing with issues as we come across them.


Runcorn Police have teamed up with Sharks Community Trust to encourage young people to interact with local police through a rugby project in Runcorn.

The Cheshire Police, in partnership with Sharks Community Trust, have developed ‘Rugby in the Park’ which will use rugby to increase the participation for those not normally exposed to the sport. The aim is to encourage young people to interact with their local police and to join their local rugby club.

The project will be every Monday evening from the 18th Novemeber 4-7pm.
They will be held at Astmoor Primary School in Castlefileds due to Phoenix Park not being suitable playing Fields.

Christmas shopping has started so places are getting much busier please be careful when out and about and be sure to secure all property and vehicles.

PC Simon Saul 3959 & PCSO David Fallows 23083

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