Query numberDate receivedRegardingissuewho is dealing with queryTaken to SPC mtg monthStatusdate closed
2017001019/10/2017Flood lights at LidlThe brightness of the new lightingPassed to HBC There is an investigate in process with HBCNov-17Closed23/11/2017
2017000901/01/1994planning application for a local centrebuilding a local centreThere is no update at present on thisNov-17closed01/11/2017
2017000831/10/2017Deciduous treesA member of resident in Dorchester advised that because the trees planted shed their leaves, the autumn and winter months the street noise is conciderableHBC made aware of this issueNov-17ongoing
20171000708/10/2017flooding Newmoore lane path into parkFlooding here has been an issue for a number of yearsHBC aware after walk around. This will be investigated. HBC to conduct action. This has now been rectifiedOct-17closed01/11/2017
20171000612/10/2017Christmas tree fundingWill SPC fund the work needed to erract a christmas treeSPC agree to the cost of the footings electric and tree and decorations. Paul Hazeldene to co ordinateOct-17closed20/10/2017
20171000509/09/2017homewatchhow can a homewatch be set up in the areaClerk sent relevent information to the resident who requested it - it is on Web Advised about police campagne that is underway so would superseed thisSep-17Closed21/09/2017
20171000409/10/2017Subwaysilting and mudThis has been an issue for a number of year. The funding has now been agreed with EA and the work will start on the plate over the next cuple of months. A lot of work has been done on this by EA and HBC and will continue to be clearedOct-17closed20/10/2017
20171000309/10/2017Weed SprayingWeeds growing throughout villageHBC are aware of this problem after a walk about with the clerk and will address as MATTER OF URGENCY. This has now been completedOct-17closed01/11/2017
20171000209/10/2017Steventon road sweepingThe side roads not being sweptHBC advise that upto now they have not been swept due to machine used however this has been re visited and this will be done in futureOct-17Closed12/10/2017
20171000106/10/2017Actons Wood LaneThe trees overgrownThis land is now own by Morris homes. Clerk to contact them regarding issueOct-17closed20/10/2017
20170800105/08/2017Swans reach treesTrees blocking out natural light in Partington After consultation with Swans Reach Residents, HBC survey and independent survey, SPC made the decision to fell 3 willow trees and re plant with more. Oct-17Closed18/01/2018
20170700120/07/2017bridleway networkMaintenance of bridlewaysHBC are to do survey on these and advise on timescale will also provide flyer showing them This has started work has started on the upkeep of the bridleway by HBCFeb-17ongoing
20170700220/07/2017Billboards on expresswayBillboards applied for retrospective planning applicationHBC advised this was rejectedJul-17Closed HBC to deal with this complaint10/08/2017
20170700320/07/2017Damage on play areaThe flooring has been vandalisedHBC attended and repairedJul-17Closed10/08/2017
20170700420/07/2017Wharford lane traffic calmingthe chicane causes lengthy traffic back up and is dangerous with speed and ignoring of the bollardHBC carried out a survey of the number of vehicles using this chicane on Wednesday 28th June between 8-9am 480 vehicles were counted, max number for this type of Chicane is 600 per hour so no action can be taken at the momentJul-17Closed10/08/2017
20170700520/07/2017Fencing at SteventonThere is a fencing structure that is unsafeHBC to remove this fencingJul-17closed01/09/2017
20170700620/07/2017Bridge in Brook WoodsThe foot bridge has collapsedbelongs to woodland trust and they will repair in JulyJul-17closed10/08/2017
20170700720/07/2017Bus shelter at Seaton Parkthis has still not been installedHBC confirm date for this work 31st July 2017Jul-17Closed10/08/2017
20170700820/07/2017Signage at Pitts Heath LaneThis has been removed after an accident several years agoHBC have advised this will cost £2,500 that SPC would need to pay HBC has now agreed to replaceJul-17closed have asked Cllr if he can help HBC has now agreed to replace20/10/2017
20170700920/07/2017Butty van signsthere are ilegal butty van signs on the expresswayHBC have advised owner to remove if not they will remove them. This has now been doneJul-17closed10/08/2017
20170701020/07/2017The Balancing Lakeflooding defences requiredthis action with HBC and EA delays have been due to funding SEE SUBWAYJul-17ongoing12/10/2017
20170701120/07/2017Construction traffic using Walsingham DriveConstruction traffic using Walsingham Drive to get to DWH and Barrat estatesHBC advised this has been discused with the developers to use the authjorised entranceJul-17closed10/08/2017
20170701220/07/2017Planning application for Playing fieldA planning application has been put into HBC regarding playing field application17/00202/couThis application is ongoing with a number of outstanding issues being addressed by SPC Mousel to send details requested to HBC. FDR to complete Joint use agreement and Management Agreement. Residents raised concerns regarding the noise relating to this isJul-17The closing /consultation date has now passed. Awaiting planning update. 26/03/18 this build has now started. For more information please see website page on the playing field01/03/2018
20170701320/07/2017HCA Land - Local Amenitiesland owned by HCA is being sold for local amenitiesHCA have advised that they have received 2 bids on this land. Contracts are due to be signed by end of the yearJul-17Sold21/09/2017
20170101420/06/2017Litter BinsA number of new bins are requiredHBC are to replace bins to dual use bins. We now have 16 bins in the areaJun-17Closed01/06/2017
20170201814/02/2017Out reach vansOut Reach van parking on Grass vergesReported to Paul Wright at HBCMar-17Closed01/03/2017
20170201514/02/2017redrow Planning applicationBloor homes at DaresburyThis is a large development site 3 phases. Robin Brocklehurst to advise and act on our behalf. SPC have done all needed to this pointFeb-17closed20/10/2017
20170201614/02/2017Parking in Swans Reachparking in Swans ReachThis is an ongoing issue. SPC have put in some bollard, police have been involvedFeb-17closed01/03/2017
20170201714/02/2017village fairGrant RequestGrant request grnted for PTA for Village fairFeb-17closed01/03/2017
20170201814/02/2017PondsSteventon PondThere are issues regarding the clarity of the water in this pond. HBC to clearJun-17closed01/06/2017