Daresbury District Heritage Group

‘Adopt-a-Soldier’ Workshop

Wednesday January 20 at 7.30pm

Lewis Carroll Centre, Daresbury All Saints’

Our workshops are open to anyone with an interest in our local history.

If you’ve begun to research an area of particular interest to yourself, then come and tell us about it. If you’re keen to do so but not yet started, then we can give you some help. There is internet access, so bring your laptop or iPad.

If you’re just interested in what’s going on, then come for a cup of tea and a chat!

We’d love to see you!

As part of our work on WW1, we aim to tell the stories of all the men from the parish who went to war. Most came home. Others didn’t. But they all had families here and we want to tell their stories too.

Currently we know the names of 195 men who went to war. So, there are a lot of stories to tell. Maybe you would like to ‘adopt’ one of the soldiers, research his story and then share it with the community. It might be someone who lived in the house where you live now. It may be a relative or someone from a family you know. It may simply be a man whose story we haven’t begun to look at yet.

Search the genealogy websites for personal details from censuses and birth, marriage and death records. Look for military records – you may be lucky and find enlistment papers, wills, medal cards, medical information, details of battles on the front, burial records. Search through the local newspapers of the time for more snippets of information – there may be photographs. Talk to your neighbours and find out what they know. Visit the relevant military museum. Build as big a picture as possible.

Assemble all the information and prepare it for display, upload it onto our website, fill in the soldier’s details on the ‘Lives of the First World war’ site managed by the Imperial War Museum.

Do as little or as much as you want. But you don’t have to do it by yourself – we’re here to help. We can pay your expenses too.